Life as we know it

Agree to disagree & keep it moving

Why does it feel like everyone is so easily offended nowadays?

While watching the news there was a story about a local library that was hosting a storytime session with a drag queen.

She will be reading stories to kids about accepting everyone & anti-bullying. I don’t see anything wrong with this but there are people that do.

The library was getting voicemails from people that didn’t agree with this kind of activity. They even went as far as organized a protest against this that will take place on the same day this storytime is happening.

In my mind, it’s really simple. If you don’t agree with this event don’t bring your kids. To go as far as to leave messages on the libraries phone to express their concerns & put together a protest blows my mind.

People have a right to agree or disagree with things but are we getting to a point in our society where everything offends people?

Can we all just learn to agree to disagree? Maybe someday.

Life as we know it

Dealing with Stress

I got a massage a couple of weeks ago & at the end of it the woman looks at me & says “you have dark bags under your eyes.”

As soon as I got home I ran to a mirror & she was right. I thought only old people had these issues I’m only 31 wtf is wrong with me.

After googling reasons why this would happen I learned that one of the causes of this is stress.

Now not only do I have to worry about not stress eating or drinking too much when I’m stressed, I also have to worry about getting dark circles & bags under my eyes. This is fantastic.

I still haven’t found the right formula that helps me when I’m stressed but at least I’m trying now. Until then I’ll fix the dark circles by getting a face mask to wear at night & lots of concealer.

What do you do to deal with stress?

Mom Life

My kid is fed & that’s all that matters

When I was pregnant I would get asked by pretty much everyone if I was going to breastfeed.

I had the mindset of I’m going to try to breastfeed but I’m not going to obsess about it. If it works for us great if not that’s fine too. I know too many moms that lost their minds she breastfeeding & i didn’t want to be that kind of person

When I had my daughter she was in the NICU for 2 days & while she was in there they bottle fed her formula to get her weight up. The nurse explained that she needed to gain a certain weight for the doctor to approve her to come home with me. I told her to do whatever she had to do to make that happen & that was feeding her formula.

The last night she was moved to my room & I tried to breastfeed her but she wasn’t having it. She already knew what it was like to get a bottle & didn’t want to have to work for her food. The hospital puts a lot of pressure on you to breastfeed that I felt guilty giving her formula.

Once we got home she was still not into the breastfeeding so we formula it was. I was formula fed, my sister was formula fed & we are both healthy human beings.

I found myself over explaining to people why I formula feed her when they asked & then I thought about it & was like ”fuck this I don’t need to explain why I do what I’m doing.”

Society puts so much pressure on women to breastfeed there are women that will lose their sanity to make breastfeeding work & that’s sad.

My baby is formula fed & she’s healthy, gaining the weight normally, she’s happy & that’s all the matters.

Do what’s best for you & your child & block out the noise. There’s no need to judge other people on the decisions they make.

Did you breastfeed or formula feed your kids?

Life as we know it

Happy Valentines Day

My husband & I have been together for a total of 11 years. We aren’t the couple that gets each other gifts for holidays as we would rather save the money & take a nice vacation or two a year.

Valentines day is just a regular day for us. Maybe we’ll go out for dinner & drinks but that’s not likely this year because we have a baby to worry about.

I would rather order in, watch Netflix, & have a glass of wine like any other night. We are like an old couple in young people’s body & I’m ok with it.

What do you do for Valentine’s day?