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Holy shit I’m a Mom

I spent my whole pregnancy counting down to the due date. I counted by months, weeks & days all while making sure to tell the baby girl in my belly that she can come a week or 2 before the due date of December 7 or on the exact date. The idea of going past my due date was my worst nightmare. 40 weeks is more than enough time for a woman to share her body & sanity.

When my water broke on November 30th I was thrilled that we were on the same page. 30 hours of labor including 3 hours of pushing & she was here. She made a very dramatic entrance into this world on December 1st at 2:44 pm. She wound up having to be in the NICU for a little over a day but she got through it & before I knew it we were home.

That’s when it really hit me ”holy shit I’m a mom” I’m responsible for this tiny human. It’s my job to keep her alive & well.

I realized I spent so much of my pregnancy anticipating the due date that I didn’t think farther than that. The due date isn’t the end game that’s just the beginning.

It’s been almost 2 months of me figuring out this mom thing & I have a ridiculous amount of things to talk about now so get ready but in the meantime here are some pics of my baby girl Giuliana Rose.


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