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Dog Mom

Long before my husband & I wanted human children we decided to become dog parents. We both grew up with dogs in our house & since we just moved in together our apartment didn’t seem complete without a dog.

Prince was our first dog that we got from a breeder as a puppy. He was a 3-month-old pug that I fell in love with the minute I saw him.

He was our first child. We were responsible for this tiny animal & it wasn’t always perfect but we got the hang out it.

By princes 3rd birthday we decided to get another dog. I felt bad that he was alone all day while we were working & felt like a brother would help keep him company. We wound up adopting our second pug Jamie from a rescue group.

He was older than prince even though we didn’t know his exact age & the two of them had a rough start but grew to like each other.

These were my children for the next 9 years. When I would talk to people about them I would often get looks like ”they are just dogs” I never understood the people that weren’t animal lovers. Or the ones they weren’t as obsessed with their pets like I was.

They are not just dogs, they are part of our family & will always be treated like our kids. Dogs give you unconditional love no matter what kind of mood you are in.

Now that we have a daughter who is a human they don’t get as much of the attention as they used but i make sure to take time to show them love & affection so they don’t get jealous of there new sister.

Do you treat your pets like your kids?

Here are some pics of my dog children Prince is the tan one & Jamie is the black one;


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