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Dealing with Stress

I got a massage a couple of weeks ago & at the end of it the woman looks at me & says “you have dark bags under your eyes.”

As soon as I got home I ran to a mirror & she was right. I thought only old people had these issues I’m only 31 wtf is wrong with me.

After googling reasons why this would happen I learned that one of the causes of this is stress.

Now not only do I have to worry about not stress eating or drinking too much when I’m stressed, I also have to worry about getting dark circles & bags under my eyes. This is fantastic.

I still haven’t found the right formula that helps me when I’m stressed but at least I’m trying now. Until then I’ll fix the dark circles by getting a face mask to wear at night & lots of concealer.

What do you do to deal with stress?


3 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress

  1. Well, I guess stress is inevitable. So there is no way to escape from it entirely. But meditation and workout help me reduce it. Also writing. I guess this all boils down to setting alone time for myself regularly. That usually does magic.

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