Life as we know it

Agree to disagree & keep it moving

Why does it feel like everyone is so easily offended nowadays?

While watching the news there was a story about a local library that was hosting a storytime session with a drag queen.

She will be reading stories to kids about accepting everyone & anti-bullying. I don’t see anything wrong with this but there are people that do.

The library was getting voicemails from people that didn’t agree with this kind of activity. They even went as far as organized a protest against this that will take place on the same day this storytime is happening.

In my mind, it’s really simple. If you don’t agree with this event don’t bring your kids. To go as far as to leave messages on the libraries phone to express their concerns & put together a protest blows my mind.

People have a right to agree or disagree with things but are we getting to a point in our society where everything offends people?

Can we all just learn to agree to disagree? Maybe someday.


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