Life as we know it

May your coffee kick in before reality does

My husband is one of those crazy people that can function without overloading on caffeine.

He wakes up every morning without automatically going to make himself a cup of coffee.

I never understood the people who don’t depend on coffee to get through the day. How is that possible? Are they robots?

Coffee is what I look forward to first thing in the morning. It’s the only thing that keeps me from having multiple mental breakdowns throughout the day especially now with a newborn to take care of.

Coffee keeps me from getting fired at my job & makes dealing with difficult people more tolerable. Since I’m such a coffee addict i will never understand the noncoffee drinkers.

Are you a coffee addict like myself or no? If not what do you rely on to help you get through the day?


9 thoughts on “May your coffee kick in before reality does

  1. Rachael Goins says:

    I only get out of bed because I know my coffee is waiting for me! I am a total coffee-aholic. Mu husband doesn’t even drink coffee and that in itself is a crime, haha.

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