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1 hour of alone time

When my daughter was first born those first few weeks were rough. She would eat every 1-2 hours & I barely had any time for myself.

When I did get some alone time it would be a very limited amount of time so I would struggle with what to do with the time.

Should I get some much-needed sleep? Take a shower? Read a book? Eat a full meal? Catch up on my shows?

I had really think & prioritize what was most important but sometimes I would overthink it so much by the time I figured out what I want to do my time would be up & my daughter would wake up ready to eat again.

After a while I got the hang of my limited time & was able to figure it out but it is hard in the beginning.

Now my daughter takes longer naps & I have a little bit more time which is something I really take advantage of.

How do you prioritize your time as a parent?


3 thoughts on “1 hour of alone time

  1. Yes time with yourself is so essential. It recharges and refreshes me. I do journal at the end of the day or since I’m forgetful, I take note what i need to do the next day and make use of my phone’s calendar.

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