“I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company. I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its balls.”- Katy Perry


Quote of the day

Life as we know it

Sleeping is a good thing

I hate the quote “success never sleeps” cuz that implies that you if you get a good nights sleep you aren’t going to be successful.

It’s bullshit I know a ton of successful people that make sure they rest so there mind is in the right state to work.

Sleeping is healthy you need it to stay sane.

Taking care of your mental health is so important. Sleeping is a good thing.

Being a mom to a 7 month old doesn’t help me get as much sleep as i would like but i try to make sure i get as much sleep as i can.

If I’m sleep deprived i can’t be a good mom or person in general.

You can make time to sleep & be a successful person.

Don’t believe the hype.

Are you someone that gets enough sleep?

Life as we know it

The stress stuggle is real

I was raised in the 90s so I grew up listening & loving music from boy bands like *NSYNC & Backstreet Boys, girl bands like the spice girls & pop stars like Britney Spears.

When I watched Britney have a meltdown in 2007 i couldn’t relate. Then I grew up & had tons of responsibilities including raising a tiny human who acts just like me & I said to myself “now i get where Britney’s coming from.”

Life is so much of an emotional rollercoaster. There’s really no happy medium. I either have really good days or really bad days lately. This causes me to stress the fuck out.

I’m hoping for an ok day soon. I could really go for an ok day. Not bad but not great.

I need to figure out what I need to do to get through the stressful days cuz i haven’t figured it out yet & I’m really trying to avoid a 2007 Britney meltdown.

I’ll get through it I always do.

Is your stress level high lately?

Life as we know it

Summer is great but only for a little bit

I love hot weather but I’m ok with it only being for a few months. I need seasons in my life to feel normal.

When we moved to Florida for a few years i thought i would love not having cold weather in my life but i hates that it felt hot & humid all year round.

I love fall & spring even though as the years go on those seasons get shorter & shorter.

Summer is much better than winter but I like it for about 2-3 months then I need fall.

Are you a summer person?