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Why is it so hard to stay motivated to work out?

I have weeks where I’m eating healthy & working out at least 3 times a week & i feel so great & motivated.

Then there are the weeks where i can’t talk myself into working out or eating healthy.

I find it so hard to stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle & I haven’t figured out how to keep that motivation.

I thought having more energy & just feeling better mentally would be enough to stay motivated but it’s not.

Maybe one day I’ll figure it out but for now I just have to go with the ups & downs.

How do you stay motivated to stay healthy?

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Lets get real about postpatrum life

As i watched Megan Markle walk out to address the media in full makeup, perfect hair, & a white dress in heel literally 2 days after giving birth, I had a lot of mixed emotions about it.

First of all, I have a lot of respect for her cuz I couldn’t have looked that good a couple of days after giving birth if I tried. And i sure as fuck wouldn’t be able to stand in front of cameras & answer ridiculous questions like “who does your son look like?” With a smile on my face.

But I was a little angry about it cuz it’s so unrealistic to think that’s how women look after giving birth.

2 days after giving birth to my daughter i looked like someone ran me over with a monster truck. I had greasy knotty hair, bags under my eyes. I would been ok with just that. i had to wear mess panties with a diaper like pad and ice packs in it.

I had to use a spray bottle while I peed & this spray to numb the pain of the stitches.

My knees & every muscle in my stomach hurt which made it difficult to walk.

I remember begging the nurse to let me shower to just feel like a human being again & after hours of negotiations they let me.

That’s real life two days after giving birth & that’s just the physical part of it. The mental is even worse.

I felt like i was in a whole different body, exhaustion & lack of eating really just screwed me up mentally.

The first 6 weeks postpartum i remember thinking “why the fuck did i think this was a good idea?” multiple times a day.

But even though my mental & physical state was fragile your body just goes into survival mode & you get through it.

I’m now 5 months postpatrum & i still struggle with my new body. I don’t wear any good clothes cuz my daughter spits up every 5 seconds & i barely have time to shower let alone put on a full face of makeup & a dress with heels. The crazy thing is I would do it all over again cuz she is so worth it.

I just wish the media would portray the real postpartum life & not the glamorous one. It’s far from glamorous. Amy Schumer is doing a good job with posting very real pictures on her Instagram about postpartum life & i hope to see more celebrities do that.

Let’s get more real about postpartum life.

Megan Markle two days after giving birth

Kate Middleton right after giving birth

This is me right after giving birth

Two days after giving birth

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Loving my postpatrum body

The one thing I hated after I had my daughter was the comments people made about how I looked.

Every time I saw someone it was a comment about my weight. i didn’t care if they were positive or negative comments i hated all of them.

The last thing women should be concerned about is losing the baby weight.

I was more worried about making sure my baby was healthy & happy all while being sleep deprived & trying not to lose my sanity.

I see all over social media women posting pictures of themselves two weeks after having a baby looking like they did before they were pregnant sometimes even better. It puts so much pressure on all women to have to snap back that quickly & its just not real life.

Every woman is different & their bodies will heal different postpartum. We shouldn’t have to worry about working out & losing weight 5 min after giving birth.

I’m no where near my pre-pregnancy weight & I’m surprisingly fine with it. It took me 9 months to gain the weight I did while pregnant & its probably going to take me at least that long to lose the weight. It might take even longer.

I grew a human in my body & pushed it out of me. That’s powerful as fuck & I love my body for that. I’m not going to let society tell me how my body should look after that.

Are you someone that lost the baby weight quickly or did it take some time?