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Sleeping is a good thing

I hate the quote “success never sleeps” cuz that implies that you if you get a good nights sleep you aren’t going to be successful.

It’s bullshit I know a ton of successful people that make sure they rest so there mind is in the right state to work.

Sleeping is healthy you need it to stay sane.

Taking care of your mental health is so important. Sleeping is a good thing.

Being a mom to a 7 month old doesn’t help me get as much sleep as i would like but i try to make sure i get as much sleep as i can.

If I’m sleep deprived i can’t be a good mom or person in general.

You can make time to sleep & be a successful person.

Don’t believe the hype.

Are you someone that gets enough sleep?

Life as we know it

Boundaries are neccessary for your sanity

You can be kind, love someone & support them but you can’t say yes to every single request.

Learning to say no without apologizing or making an excuse is so hard for me to this day but as I work on it, it’s so necessary for my sanity.

You don’t have to go to every party or event to still love & support people.

If someone makes you feel bad for going to the 27 events or parties that they are having & then for missing the next 1 or 2 then they aren’t people you want in your life.

Boundaries are healthy & you’re not a bad person for saying no & doing what’s best for you.

Do you struggle with boundaries?


”I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal & are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm, and their inspiration to work together.”-Queen Elizabeth II

Quote of the day

Life as we know it

Trust your gut

As i get older i have been trusting my gut a lot more. Especially when it comes to meeting people. But I’m also learning to not make sudden judgements right away.

Sometimes I’ll make a quick judgement about someone only to find that after talking with them a few more times i actually like the person.

if my first intuition about someone stays the same way after spending more time with them then that’s a great indicator that we just aren’t the same & probably won’t get along.

My gut will always steer me in the right direction when it comes to certain people & situations & it hasn’t failed me yet.

Do you trust your gut?

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Lets get real about postpatrum life

As i watched Megan Markle walk out to address the media in full makeup, perfect hair, & a white dress in heel literally 2 days after giving birth, I had a lot of mixed emotions about it.

First of all, I have a lot of respect for her cuz I couldn’t have looked that good a couple of days after giving birth if I tried. And i sure as fuck wouldn’t be able to stand in front of cameras & answer ridiculous questions like “who does your son look like?” With a smile on my face.

But I was a little angry about it cuz it’s so unrealistic to think that’s how women look after giving birth.

2 days after giving birth to my daughter i looked like someone ran me over with a monster truck. I had greasy knotty hair, bags under my eyes. I would been ok with just that. i had to wear mess panties with a diaper like pad and ice packs in it.

I had to use a spray bottle while I peed & this spray to numb the pain of the stitches.

My knees & every muscle in my stomach hurt which made it difficult to walk.

I remember begging the nurse to let me shower to just feel like a human being again & after hours of negotiations they let me.

That’s real life two days after giving birth & that’s just the physical part of it. The mental is even worse.

I felt like i was in a whole different body, exhaustion & lack of eating really just screwed me up mentally.

The first 6 weeks postpartum i remember thinking “why the fuck did i think this was a good idea?” multiple times a day.

But even though my mental & physical state was fragile your body just goes into survival mode & you get through it.

I’m now 5 months postpatrum & i still struggle with my new body. I don’t wear any good clothes cuz my daughter spits up every 5 seconds & i barely have time to shower let alone put on a full face of makeup & a dress with heels. The crazy thing is I would do it all over again cuz she is so worth it.

I just wish the media would portray the real postpartum life & not the glamorous one. It’s far from glamorous. Amy Schumer is doing a good job with posting very real pictures on her Instagram about postpartum life & i hope to see more celebrities do that.

Let’s get more real about postpartum life.

Megan Markle two days after giving birth

Kate Middleton right after giving birth

This is me right after giving birth

Two days after giving birth