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Naptime is coming & I can’t wait

For the first 6 months, my daughter slept in the bed with me at night & also napped on me.

Before all the mom experts come out to tell me your not supposed to do that well I did get over it. It was the only way we were both getting sleep & it worked for us.

At her 6-month doctor’s appointment, the doctor strongly recommended I start sleep training. In the long run, it will help her be able to fall asleep on her own.

It was time for some tough love so I made a plan to start with putting her in her crib for just naps than slowly working towards the night sleeping.

To my shock, it only took a week for her to get used to not only napping in her crib but sleeping in it at night. She would cry it out less time than the nights before & now she’s used to it. I really thought my dramatic baby girl was going to take months to get this accomplished.

Now I have so much free time during the day I don’t know what to do with myself. She started taking 3 naps a day, two of which are only a half hour but one is an hour or more now she’s a little older & only takes 2 naps but ill take it.

It’s the greatest feeling to not only have a little bit of me time now but to also watch her become a little more independent.

What do you do when your kids nap?

Mom Life

I complain about my daughter & that’s ok

I love my daughter more than anything or anyone in this world & I would do anything for her. But that doesn’t mean there are days when she’s being a complete asshole & i don’t like her for a little bit. I always love her even when i don’t like her.

Kids can be the cutest things in the entire world but they can also be little demon kids that make your life a living hell.

Just because you complain about your kid doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. I think it makes you real because anyone that is a parent knows it’s not all rainbows & sunshine when it comes to raising these little humans.

I say a lot of good things about my daughter but i don’t leave out the bad things cuz she’s not a perfect kid & I’m not a perfect parent. I can live with that.

Are you a parent that complains about your kids?

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Raising a strong willed daughter

From the moment she was born I could tell my daughter was going to be strong-willed & stubborn. She knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to let you know how she feels. She’s only 3 months old so it’s only going to get more intense as she gets older.

The feminist in me is proud that one day she’ll grow up & be a strong woman however raising a strong girl is hard.

Why can’t she be a little girl that goes with the flow & listens to her mother then when she’s older be a independent woman that does what she wants when she wants? That would be too easy for me.

Are you raising a strong-willed daughter? If so how do you deal with it?

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What’s in a name?

I saw a post on Instagram from a new mom explaining how she waited 24 hours after her daughter was born to name her. She didn’t want to name her before she saw her in case the name didn’t fit.

Unlike this new mom, I named my daughter before she was born. I had a boys name & girls name picked out before we even found out the gender.

I’m not usually a super planner like that but I guess i was just excited. Then like all things in life things didn’t go as planned. My grandmother passed away very early into my pregnancy. She was suffering from dementia & put into hospice so on one of her final days I told her I was pregnant. She was one of the first people I told.

I was very close to her growing up & since I was named for my great grandmother Ruth I wanted to keep the tradition alive. My grandmothers name was Gertrude so I needed a G name.

I didn’t know the gender so we chose two G names one for each gender. I wanted a unique name but not two unique like how these celebrities name there kids crazy things.

Giuliana was different but not too different & pretty. When she was born i couldn’t think of naming her any other name it just fit. The other name i had for her wouldn’t of worked. I don’t know why but it just worked out. I think if i would have waited to name her it would have been more difficult & i would have changed my mind 100 times.

Did you name your children before they were born?