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Raising a strong willed daughter

From the moment she was born I could tell my daughter was going to be strong-willed & stubborn. She knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to let you know how she feels. She’s only 3 months old so it’s only going to get more intense as she gets older.

The feminist in me is proud that one day she’ll grow up & be a strong woman however raising a strong girl is hard.

Why can’t she be a little girl that goes with the flow & listens to her mother then when she’s older be a independent woman that does what she wants when she wants? That would be too easy for me.

Are you raising a strong-willed daughter? If so how do you deal with it?

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What’s in a name?

I saw a post on Instagram from a new mom explaining how she waited 24 hours after her daughter was born to name her. She didn’t want to name her before she saw her in case the name didn’t fit.

Unlike this new mom, I named my daughter before she was born. I had a boys name & girls name picked out before we even found out the gender.

I’m not usually a super planner like that but I guess i was just excited. Then like all things in life things didn’t go as planned. My grandmother passed away very early into my pregnancy. She was suffering from dementia & put into hospice so on one of her final days I told her I was pregnant. She was one of the first people I told.

I was very close to her growing up & since I was named for my great grandmother Ruth I wanted to keep the tradition alive. My grandmothers name was Gertrude so I needed a G name.

I didn’t know the gender so we chose two G names one for each gender. I wanted a unique name but not two unique like how these celebrities name there kids crazy things.

Giuliana was different but not too different & pretty. When she was born i couldn’t think of naming her any other name it just fit. The other name i had for her wouldn’t of worked. I don’t know why but it just worked out. I think if i would have waited to name her it would have been more difficult & i would have changed my mind 100 times.

Did you name your children before they were born?

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The 4th trimester

I thought the 3rd trimester & labor & delivery where the worst part of becoming a parent. I kept hearing people tell me ”this is nothing compared to the 4th trimester.” Yes there is a such thing as the 4th trimester & I’m in the trenches of it right now.

The first 3 months of a newborns life aka the 4th trimester is harder than being pregnant for 9 months & being in labor for over 30 hours.

First of all, I don’t know about other moms but no one really talked about or warned me about the recovery of your body after you give birth. I had no idea that shortly after I pushed a 6 pound human being out of me that i would have to get stitches down there. I don’t know if it’s because the epidural was wearing off or I was exhausted mentally & physically but those stitches hurt more than labor. This made it painful to pee which of course I had to go every 5 minutes. Don’t even get me started on the month long period that you have after giving birth & the hemorrhoids. Recovery from these things without a newborn would be tough but with one takes it to a whole new level.

Now let’s talk about the lack of sleep. I knew i would be getting less sleep I didn’t know i would be getting absolutely no sleep. Newborns eat every 2-3 hours but that timer starts when the feeding begins. It takes me about an hour to feed my daughter so by the time she’s fed,changed & finally falls to sleep again i only have about an hour of sleep if I’m lucky until the next time she eats. That’s on a good night if she isn’t fussy because of gas pains or just having typical newborn fuss.

At the end of the day I’m learning that it’s just going to take time for us to learn each other & get on the same page. I’m trusting that all my friends & family that told me it gets better aren’t lying just so they can stop my complaining but deep down we’ll push through it.

Moms, what was the 4th trimester like for you? Will I ever get sleep again? Let me know in the comments

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Holy shit I’m a Mom

I spent my whole pregnancy counting down to the due date. I counted by months, weeks & days all while making sure to tell the baby girl in my belly that she can come a week or 2 before the due date of December 7 or on the exact date. The idea of going past my due date was my worst nightmare. 40 weeks is more than enough time for a woman to share her body & sanity.

When my water broke on November 30th I was thrilled that we were on the same page. 30 hours of labor including 3 hours of pushing & she was here. She made a very dramatic entrance into this world on December 1st at 2:44 pm. She wound up having to be in the NICU for a little over a day but she got through it & before I knew it we were home.

That’s when it really hit me ”holy shit I’m a mom” I’m responsible for this tiny human. It’s my job to keep her alive & well.

I realized I spent so much of my pregnancy anticipating the due date that I didn’t think farther than that. The due date isn’t the end game that’s just the beginning.

It’s been almost 2 months of me figuring out this mom thing & I have a ridiculous amount of things to talk about now so get ready but in the meantime here are some pics of my baby girl Giuliana Rose.