“Having a dream is what keeps you alive. Overcoming the challenges makes life worth living.” – Mary Tyler Moore


Quote of the day

Life as we know it

Daily reminders to myself

I always had a terrible memory & as I get older it gets worse.

Every day before I leave the house i go through a mental check list to make sure I have everything I need.

Now that I’m a mom there is such thing as mom brain & because of that I have to actually write things down to function.

To do lists have become a life saver & I don’t know how I lived without them. i make lists for everything & there’s no better feeling than checking things off the lists.

Daily reminders & to do lists are a necessity for me.

Are you someone that needs to give yourself daily reminders?

Life as we know it

Seriously, where do all my hair ties go?

I was on my last hair tie of the pack I bought a few months ago & all I could think about was where the hell did all the other ones go? It’s not like i throw them out unless they break but that rarely happens.

It amazes me how I can never find the ones I used. I’ll start to look for one & can’t find them anywhere so that’s why I have to get a new one so where are they going?

It’s the same thing with socks in the dryer. I always find one sock but the other sock just disappears & I am forced to eventually buy new socks. Where do the socks go?

Maybe one day I’ll just find all my hair ties & socks together just hanging out somewhere in my house trying not to be noticed so we don’t use them again.

It’s the strangest thing & I’ll never figure it out.

Do you have the same problem with hair ties & socks?

Life as we know it

I’m too tired to argue

I’m at the point in my life where I just don’t have the energy to argue. Especially if it’s about stupid things.

I know people that will argue with other people till they are blue in the face. Just trying to prove their point to someone that already has their mind made up.

If you want to give me unsolicited advice or state your opinion about something & I don’t agree with it I’ll just smile, nod & keep it moving.

Now don’t get me wrong if it’s an issue that is important or I’m passionate about I’ll take the time to state my case. For the most part I’m way too tired & have better things to do with my time than to argue about petty nonsense.

Are you someone that takes the time to argue?