Quote of the day

“Don’t ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. Make decisions based on what should happen, not what shouldn’t.” —Michelle Obama

Life as we know it

Speaking my mind

When I was younger I let a lot of things go & kept it moving. I guess I just wanted to avoid confrontation so I wouldn’t always say what I was thinking cuz it wasn’t worth it.

That wasn’t always a good thing cuz their were times I should have said something to defend myself & I didn’t.

As I grew up & figured out who I was I would always speak my mind not matter what. Even if the thought i had was hurtful or unprofessional I would say it. This wasn’t a good thing either because I would wind up hurting people I cared about & making the wrong impressions to people I worked with.

Now a days I’m able to recognize when to actually speak my mind & when to just walk away. I learned how to pick my battles & it’s worth it.

Are you someone that speaks their mind no matter what?

Life as we know it

Don’t grow up it’s a trap

Why was I in such a rush to grow up?

When I was younger instead of enjoying the life of no responsibilities & really taking advantage of it, I remember always just wanting to be older than I was.

Before you realize how dumb it was to think that way you’re an actual adult with a mortgage, bills, kids & dogs.

Growing up is inevitable & it happens to everyone but there’s no need to rush to that point in your life cuz it’s not as great as you think it is when you are younger.

Enjoy being young & naive while you can cuz it goes by fast.

Are you someone that couldn’t wait to be an adult when you were young?

Mom Life

What’s in a name?

I saw a post on Instagram from a new mom explaining how she waited 24 hours after her daughter was born to name her. She didn’t want to name her before she saw her in case the name didn’t fit.

Unlike this new mom, I named my daughter before she was born. I had a boys name & girls name picked out before we even found out the gender.

I’m not usually a super planner like that but I guess i was just excited. Then like all things in life things didn’t go as planned. My grandmother passed away very early into my pregnancy. She was suffering from dementia & put into hospice so on one of her final days I told her I was pregnant. She was one of the first people I told.

I was very close to her growing up & since I was named for my great grandmother Ruth I wanted to keep the tradition alive. My grandmothers name was Gertrude so I needed a G name.

I didn’t know the gender so we chose two G names one for each gender. I wanted a unique name but not two unique like how these celebrities name there kids crazy things.

Giuliana was different but not too different & pretty. When she was born i couldn’t think of naming her any other name it just fit. The other name i had for her wouldn’t of worked. I don’t know why but it just worked out. I think if i would have waited to name her it would have been more difficult & i would have changed my mind 100 times.

Did you name your children before they were born?


Don’t ever stop dating your spouse

My husband & I are really good at making sure to take time for just the two of us. It’s even more important now that we have a baby.

We used to take at least one vacation a year with just the 2 of us. No family or friends just us.

Things have changed since we were younger & didn’t have responsibilities but we have a date night at least once a month. Weather that’s dinner and a movie, drinks or even a staycation we find a babysitter & get out.

Life gets busy & it’s really good for us to have that time with each other to catch up & have fun.

Do you have date nights with your spouse?

Life as we know it

I can’t be trusted at Target

Target is one of those stores where I walk in & I can’t have a plan.

I don’t know what it is about it but it could suck me in for hours & do a lot of damage on my credit card or I could be there for 10 minutes & spend no money. There really is no in between.

Sometimes they have a ton of great stuff & sometimes I can’t find anything good. The one thing I do love about it is they have a variety of things. Clothes, food, baby items, electronics, books. They even have Starbucks which is perfect for a coffee addict like me. Who doesn’t want to shop while drinking coffee?

When I need alone time but want to get out of the house I find myself always going to target. It’s such a strange relationship I have with that store but it is what it is.

Does anyone else feel this way about Target or any other store?