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The tough days of motherhood

There are days where I’m so good at this mom thing it blows my mind. Then there are the days where I don’t know how I’m going to get through it without a mental breakdown.

In the beginning I would cry when the baby cried & sometimes have to put her down & walk away for a few minutes to calm down & regroup. Now that I’m 4 months into this I’ve learned how to adjust to motherhood a lot better but every day isn’t going to be good & easy.

Being a mom is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I’ve learned that the best way to get through it especially the hard days is to just laugh it off cuz I’m not perfect at anything nor do I want to be so what makes this journey any different.

Finding humor in the situation & not taking myself too seriously has helped me in the past before I had a baby & now that I’m using that approach to motherhood it really made a difference.

How do you handle the tough days of parenting?

Mom Life

Multitasking at it’s finest

I like to think I was always good at multitasking but then I became a mom & I took it to a whole new level.

Since my husband travels a lot for work there are weeks where I have no help with a baby & two dogs to take care of so I’ve mastered the multitasking game.

I’ve learned how to do many things at once. I’m now able to hold a screaming baby while making a bottle & throwing a ball for my dogs to fetch.

Not only can I multitask I also can do a lot of things with one hand. There are days where my daughter loves to snuggle & be held which means a lot of my day is spent holding her & cuddling. Since I can’t just tend to her all day but also if that keeps her from screaming her head off & me losing my sanity I learned the best solution is to learn how to use one hand to do everything while I hold her. I’m now able to eat, pour coffee, feed dogs, brush my teeth, & change my outfit with one hand available.

At least now when I’m ready to go back to work I can confidently tell the employer that I’m a master at multitasking & add it to my list of skills on my resume.

Are you good at multitasking?

Mom Life

Loving my postpatrum body

The one thing I hated after I had my daughter was the comments people made about how I looked.

Every time I saw someone it was a comment about my weight. i didn’t care if they were positive or negative comments i hated all of them.

The last thing women should be concerned about is losing the baby weight.

I was more worried about making sure my baby was healthy & happy all while being sleep deprived & trying not to lose my sanity.

I see all over social media women posting pictures of themselves two weeks after having a baby looking like they did before they were pregnant sometimes even better. It puts so much pressure on all women to have to snap back that quickly & its just not real life.

Every woman is different & their bodies will heal different postpartum. We shouldn’t have to worry about working out & losing weight 5 min after giving birth.

I’m no where near my pre-pregnancy weight & I’m surprisingly fine with it. It took me 9 months the weight I did while pregnant & its probably going to take me at least that long to lose the weight. It might take even longer.

I grew a human in my body & pushed it out of me. That’s powerful as fuck & I love my body for that. I’m not going to let society tell me how my body should look after that.

Are you someone that lost the baby weight quickly or did it take some time?

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Raising a strong willed daughter

From the moment she was born I could tell my daughter was going to be strong-willed & stubborn. She knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to let you know how she feels. She’s only 3 months old so it’s only going to get more intense as she gets older.

The feminist in me is proud that one day she’ll grow up & be a strong woman however raising a strong girl is hard.

Why can’t she be a little girl that goes with the flow & listens to her mother then when she’s older be a independent woman that does what she wants when she wants? That would be too easy for me.

Are you raising a strong-willed daughter? If so how do you deal with it?

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What’s in a name?

I saw a post on Instagram from a new mom explaining how she waited 24 hours after her daughter was born to name her. She didn’t want to name her before she saw her in case the name didn’t fit.

Unlike this new mom, I named my daughter before she was born. I had a boys name & girls name picked out before we even found out the gender.

I’m not usually a super planner like that but I guess i was just excited. Then like all things in life things didn’t go as planned. My grandmother passed away very early into my pregnancy. She was suffering from dementia & put into hospice so on one of her final days I told her I was pregnant. She was one of the first people I told.

I was very close to her growing up & since I was named for my great grandmother Ruth I wanted to keep the tradition alive. My grandmothers name was Gertrude so I needed a G name.

I didn’t know the gender so we chose two G names one for each gender. I wanted a unique name but not two unique like how these celebrities name there kids crazy things.

Giuliana was different but not too different & pretty. When she was born i couldn’t think of naming her any other name it just fit. The other name i had for her wouldn’t of worked. I don’t know why but it just worked out. I think if i would have waited to name her it would have been more difficult & i would have changed my mind 100 times.

Did you name your children before they were born?

Mom Life

1 hour of alone time

When my daughter was first born those first few weeks were rough. She would eat every 1-2 hours & I barely had any time for myself.

When I did get some alone time it would be a very limited amount of time so I would struggle with what to do with the time.

Should I get some much-needed sleep? Take a shower? Read a book? Eat a full meal? Catch up on my shows?

I had really think & prioritize what was most important but sometimes I would overthink it so much by the time I figured out what I want to do my time would be up & my daughter would wake up ready to eat again.

After a while I got the hang of my limited time & was able to figure it out but it is hard in the beginning.

Now my daughter takes longer naps & I have a little bit more time which is something I really take advantage of.

How do you prioritize your time as a parent?

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More than a mom

During most of my pregnancy, I had co-workers asking me if I was going to come back to work after maternity leave.

I couldn’t answer that question because I wasn’t sure how I would feel after I had the baby. I work over an hour away from my house & wasn’t sure if I wanted to be that far away from the baby. Plus I don’t have any retired grandparents yet to watch the baby & daycare is so expensive. My whole paycheck would be going to daycare & commuting.

My husband & I made the decision that it wasn’t worth me going back to that job after i took my leave.

Just because I wasn’t going back to that job doesn’t mean I don’t want to work. It’s important for me to have my own identity outside of being a mom.

As much as I love my daughter I just wasn’t built to be a stay at home mom. God bless the women that are stay at home moms cuz it’s hard work & you must be saints.

For now, I will enjoy the time I get to spend with my daughter full time but eventually I will look for jobs closer to my house even if its part-time.

Having another identity outside of wife & mom is something that’s not just what I want its what I need.

Are you a working mom or a stay at home mom?