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My thoughts on the abortion ban in Alabama

I want to start off my saying I do not identify with any political party. I agree & disagree with both democrats & republicans so therefore can’t 100% say I’m either.

What i can say is that i’m pro choice & always have been. As a woman I want to be able to make choices about my body without any government interference.

In an attempt to grow as a person I’ve been doing a lot of reading about how the mind works & how to communicate especially with people that don’t agree with my views.

With the country being more divided than ever & people not able to have civil conversations about politics & religion it was important to figure out why we are like this.

I wasn’t going to write this because people are so hostile when it comes to politics & religion but in my attempt to grow as a person one of my goals is to start getting uncomfortable & saying things that might not necessarily be popular.

I’ve started doing what i never did before & took my emotions out of the issues to really see both sides in its entirety & here is what my opinions are about the abortion laws & people trying to ban them.

I watched a conservative video on social media explaining why he doesn’t believe birth control should be free as well as abortion legal. I had to watch it more than once cuz the first time i was so angry that a male who doesn’t have to worry about getting an abortion or having access to birth control was trying to take that right away from women who go through these struggles daily.

After i calmed down & actually started listening I realized he had a good point. He’s a religious conservative who’s religion doesn’t believe in birth control or abortion so why should his tax money go toward something he morally doesn’t believe in? He’s right i wouldn’t want my tax money going toward something that was against my religious values.

From that aspect i can say i understand where some religious Christian conservatives are coming from.

However banning abortions & not giving women free access to birth control feels more like you’re forcing you’re religious beliefs on everyone & that’s where the problem lays with me.

I’m not a religious person & like politics I can’t identify 100% with a religious group. I agree & disagree with all religious groups. It’s not right to force religion on people that don’t have the same beliefs as you just like it’s not right to force people to pay for something they don’t believe in.

What absolutely shatters my heart about this new abortion ban is that the government is saying they care more about literally everyone else before women.

Women & children are raped & molested at extremely high rates & some of them get pregnant involuntary.

So what your saying to those women & children when you ban something so important is you care more rapists & pedifiles then you do women & children.

If you want to try to change the law where you’re tax isn’t going toward abortion clinics & free birth control because it’s something you don’t believe in, then go for it. But to ban it completely & punish people that don’t have your beliefs is not the way to fix this country.

PS: just because something isn’t legal doesn’t prevent people from getting what they want. During the prohibition alcohol was banned & people still found ways to drink, drugs are illegal & people still find ways to do them. Making abortion illegal isn’t going to stop women from doing it it’s going to stop them from getting it done safely & sometimes that might lead to death of both the unborn fetus & the woman.

Mom Life

Loving my postpatrum body

The one thing I hated after I had my daughter was the comments people made about how I looked.

Every time I saw someone it was a comment about my weight. i didn’t care if they were positive or negative comments i hated all of them.

The last thing women should be concerned about is losing the baby weight.

I was more worried about making sure my baby was healthy & happy all while being sleep deprived & trying not to lose my sanity.

I see all over social media women posting pictures of themselves two weeks after having a baby looking like they did before they were pregnant sometimes even better. It puts so much pressure on all women to have to snap back that quickly & its just not real life.

Every woman is different & their bodies will heal different postpartum. We shouldn’t have to worry about working out & losing weight 5 min after giving birth.

I’m no where near my pre-pregnancy weight & I’m surprisingly fine with it. It took me 9 months to gain the weight I did while pregnant & its probably going to take me at least that long to lose the weight. It might take even longer.

I grew a human in my body & pushed it out of me. That’s powerful as fuck & I love my body for that. I’m not going to let society tell me how my body should look after that.

Are you someone that lost the baby weight quickly or did it take some time?