Life as we know it

Seriously, where do all my hair ties go?

I was on my last hair tie of the pack I bought a few months ago & all I could think about was where the hell did all the other ones go? It’s not like i throw them out unless they break but that rarely happens.

It amazes me how I can never find the ones I used. I’ll start to look for one & can’t find them anywhere so that’s why I have to get a new one so where are they going?

It’s the same thing with socks in the dryer. I always find one sock but the other sock just disappears & I am forced to eventually buy new socks. Where do the socks go?

Maybe one day I’ll just find all my hair ties & socks together just hanging out somewhere in my house trying not to be noticed so we don’t use them again.

It’s the strangest thing & I’ll never figure it out.

Do you have the same problem with hair ties & socks?

Mom Life

Loving my postpatrum body

The one thing I hated after I had my daughter was the comments people made about how I looked.

Every time I saw someone it was a comment about my weight. i didn’t care if they were positive or negative comments i hated all of them.

The last thing women should be concerned about is losing the baby weight.

I was more worried about making sure my baby was healthy & happy all while being sleep deprived & trying not to lose my sanity.

I see all over social media women posting pictures of themselves two weeks after having a baby looking like they did before they were pregnant sometimes even better. It puts so much pressure on all women to have to snap back that quickly & its just not real life.

Every woman is different & their bodies will heal different postpartum. We shouldn’t have to worry about working out & losing weight 5 min after giving birth.

I’m no where near my pre-pregnancy weight & I’m surprisingly fine with it. It took me 9 months the weight I did while pregnant & its probably going to take me at least that long to lose the weight. It might take even longer.

I grew a human in my body & pushed it out of me. That’s powerful as fuck & I love my body for that. I’m not going to let society tell me how my body should look after that.

Are you someone that lost the baby weight quickly or did it take some time?

Girl Power, Mom Life

Raising a strong willed daughter

From the moment she was born I could tell my daughter was going to be strong-willed & stubborn. She knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to let you know how she feels. She’s only 3 months old so it’s only going to get more intense as she gets older.

The feminist in me is proud that one day she’ll grow up & be a strong woman however raising a strong girl is hard.

Why can’t she be a little girl that goes with the flow & listens to her mother then when she’s older be a independent woman that does what she wants when she wants? That would be too easy for me.

Are you raising a strong-willed daughter? If so how do you deal with it?